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Maker Garage Streaming Web Video with the Intel® Edison Guide

Guide: Provides step-by-step instructions for streaming web video with the Intel® Edison platform for the Image and Video Processing series

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Two Bit Circus Presents the DIY Intel® Galileo Gen 2 DJ Kit

Two Bit Circus presents a do-it-yourself Intel® Galileo Gen 2 DJ kit that you can build to learn about electronics while creating your own beats.

Intel® Galileo Board Data Painting Kit How-To Guide

Guide: Provides step-by-step instructions for creating custom data visualizations using the Intel® Galileo board data painting kit and Blockly.

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Intel® Galileo Board DJ Kit How-To Guide

Guide: Provides step-by-step instructions for assembling and programming an Intel® Galileo board DJ kit with custom controls for pitches and patterns.

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Intel Small Business Solutions, Tips and Resources

Intel Small Business Solutions, Tips and Resources

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Solution Brief: Small business owners juggling roles need technology supporting mobile experiences, with performance, security, and collaboration.

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United Daily News: Big Data Analytics Case Study

Discover how United Daily News is effectively using big data analytics to improve performance and stability. Learn more in this big data case study.

Healthcare-Friendly Security: Usability with Protection

White Paper: Healthcare-friendly security solutions from Intel Security and McAfee allow healthcare organizations to unify usability and security.

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The Internet of Things and Healthcare Policy Principles

White Paper: Discusses the Internet of Things revolution in healthcare and government-level policy principles such as data standards and privacy.

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Premises-Aware Security Safeguards Protected Health Information

White Paper: Explores a security capability that could safeguard protected health information with Wireless Credential Exchange-embedded RFID tags.

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