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Embedded Ethernet: Intel® 8255X and 82562 Controllers

Find fast Intel® 8255x Gigabit Ethernet Controller family and Intel® 82562 Gigabit Ethernet PHY product briefs, software drivers, and specs.

Intel® 82574 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Family

Intel® 82574L/IT Gigabit Ethernet Controller technical resources for GbE implementation on small form-factor embedded designs.

Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Connection Family

Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Connection family technical resources for reduced power usage in networking components.

Intel® Ethernet Controller I210/I211-AT for GbE Excellence

Info downloads for the Intel® Ethernet Controller I210/I211-AT family, which is GbE controllers for single-port LAN on motherboard designs.

Intel® Ethernet Network Connection I347-AT4

Intel® Ethernet Network Connection I347-AT4 technical resources for single-chip device with four independent GbE transceivers.

Multi-Port Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY Family

Find multi-port Gigabit Ethernet MAC/PHY controller family product briefs, software drivers, and specs with improved performance benefits.

10 GbE Intel® Ethernet—The Solution You Have Been Searching For

Brief: See benefits of a 10 GbE Intel® Ethernet solution that offers speed, manageability, and virtualization support for increased network demands.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-AT/I211-AT: Schematics

Schematics: The Intel® Ethernet Controller I210-AT/I211-AT schematics show placement, component connections, and part numbers. (v.1.9, Nov. 2012)

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Intel® 82577 Gigabit Ethernet PHY: Bring Up Guide

Bring Up Guide: Explains the steps necessary to enable and power up a platform with the Intel® 82577 Gigabit Ethernet PHY. (Oct. 2008)

Intel® 82579 GbE PHY and Cougar Point Integrated GbE LAN: Guide

Bring Up Guide: Instructions to enable and power up the Intel® 82579 Gigabit Ethernet PHY-based platform integrated LAN device. (v.001, Mar. 2010)