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Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYKH/D34010WYKH 360° View

Explore the Intel® NUC Kit D54250WYKH/D34010WYKH designs and components in an interactive 360° view.

Intel® NUC Boards D54250WYB Interactive Layout

Identify and explore the components that make up the Intel® NUC Boards D54250WYB with this interactive layout diagram.

Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYK Interactive Layout

Identify and explore the components that make up the Intel® NUC Kit D34010WYK with this interactive layout diagram.

Mini PC - Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY

Experience movies, photos, and games seamlessly with Intel® NUC Kit DC3217BY, a pocket-size solution that delivers superior visuals.

Intel® NUC Ecosystem Enabling Specification

Specification: Next Unit of Computing ecosystem specs for tested hardware, design-ready and design-in-progress chassis, and peripherals.

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Logic Supply ML300* Fanless Intel® NUC

View the versatile Logic Supply ML300* industrial fanless Intel® NUC, delivering big performance in a tiny form factor for a variety of applications.

Intel® NUC Brings Mainstream Gaming Experience to Home TV: Brief

Solution Brief: Get the mainstream gaming experience on your home TV with the Intel® NUC and services, such as Steam’s Big Picture Mode*.

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Akasa Newton V* Fanless Case for Intel® NUC

Uncover apps for the Akasa Newton V* fanless case for Intel® NUC, such as digital ads, education, and entertainment, for small size, big performance.

Intel® NUC: Cost-Effective Storage

Poster: Mix, match, and compute utilizing the Intel® NUC ecosystem for custom, cost-effective storage solutions.

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Intel® NUC: Introduction

Introduces Intel® NUC with stunning visuals and performance in a compact form ideal for retail kiosks, home theaters, and more.