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IDF15—Intel Developer Forum 2015: San Francisco

Stay on top of the tech trends by registering for keynotes, technical sessions, and exhibits at the Intel Developer Forum 2015 in San Francisco.

2015 IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona

Register to attend the 2015 IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and get access to exhibits and sessions from tech and industry experts.

Mobile 5th Generation Intel® Core™ and Celeron® Processor: Power Guidelines

App Guidelines: This document provides power numbers for the mobile 5th Generation Intel® Core™ and Celeron® processor series. (v.2, May 2015)

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Intel® 82541ER/PI GbE Controller Schematic & Layout Checklists

Design checklist for Intel® 82541ER/PI GbE Controller schematic and layouts includes check items, remarks column.

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Intel® 82541 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Family: Datasheet

Datasheet: 82541 GbE Controller Family specifications, including signal descriptions, DC and AC parameters, packaging, and pinout information.

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Intel® 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Product Brief

Product brief covers Intel® 82541PI GbE controller features, benefits, and characteristics.

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Intel® 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Specification Update

Specification Update: Covers stepping information for Intel® 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet controller.

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Designing SerDes Applications for Intel® GbE Controllers

Note helps customers construct a board layout design using the Serializer-Deserializer (SerDes) interface on Intel Gigabit Ethernet controllers.

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Intel® 82545/82546 GbE Controllers: Dynamically Change Link Modes

Covers circuit connections for dynamic mode switching, internal SerDes pin descriptions, PHY interface signals, TBI support, and software support.

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Intel® 82545EM/GM, 82546EB/GB GbE Controllers: Design Guide

Covers PCI/PCI-X signal interface, LAN disable guide, design components, crystal selection parameters, design checklists, reference, schematics, more.

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