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Digital Surveillance: Intel® DSS Enhances Video Security Solutions

Intel® embedded platforms allow equipment manufacturers and system integrators to deliver increasingly sophisticated digital surveillance solutions.

Intelligent Digital Video Recorder: Reference Design

Digital video recorder reference design details include performance overview, interactive block diagram, and high-end and mid-range specifications.

Intelligent Video Encoders: Reference Design

Intelligent video detectors and encoders reference design details include performance overview, block diagram, and specifications.

Efficient Digital Video Transcoding for Media: Solution Brief

Solution Brief: The HP Intel CME Solution Center powers content delivery workflows, providing efficient digital video transcoding. (Jul. 2008)

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Intel® Architecture based Dahua* E2E Solution for Transportation

Intel® architecture based E2E solution developed by Dahua* Technology Co. meets the demands of the smart city in traffic management. (v.1, May 2016)

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Sharp QG-B20C* Wireless-LAN-enabled Omnidirectional Camera with Intel® Celeron® Processor N3160: Case Study

Wireless omnidirectional surveillance camera with Intel® Celeron® processor N3160 with an industry-first 4K/3K resolution. (v.1, Apr. 2016)

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Intel® Core™ i5-3610ME Processor Development Kit

Intel® Core™ i5-3610ME processor and mobile Intel® QM77 Express Chipset-based development kit overview, product brief, and guides. (v.1, June 2013)

Breakthrough Capabilities for Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Milestone Leverages Intel® Processors to Create Breakthrough Capabilities for Video Surveillance and Monitoring. (v.1, Jan. 2016)

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Video Analytics at the Edge: Solution Brief

Video analytics at the edge minimizes video processing in the back end, which simplifies balancing from the edge to the data center. (v.1, Feb. 2016)

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Making a Better World with IoT Video Solutions

See how Internet of Things (IoT) video and vision systems make a better world with smart technology that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.