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Webinar: PC Refresh in the
Consumerized IT Environment

Intel IT experts discuss the positive impact of PC refresh on
security and manageability, user productivity, and TCO

Download the webinar presentation materials: PC Refresh in the Consumerized IT Environment

This webinar, PC Refresh in the Consumerized IT Environment, features Intel experts David Buchholz, Director of Consumerization, Intel IT, and John Mahvi, Business Client Product Line Manager, Intel IT.

They share the insights their teams have gained through firsthand experience with PC refresh in a complex, fast-changing consumerized IT environment.

David and John cover the positive impact of PC refresh on:

  • Security and manageability
  • Decisions regarding services and devices to be supported
  • User productivity and satisfaction
  • TCO plus support, repair, and energy costs

With an efficient, strategic PC refresh program, you can dramatically enhance the user experience on company-issued PCs and laptops. And, by doing so, you can resolve many of the issues that arise due to BYO in particular, and consumerization in general.

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