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Learn how 3-D prosthetic printing technology from Not Impossible Labs helped 14-year-old Daniel and his village in South Sudan
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The (near) future offers a federated, automated, and client-aware cloud.
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See what IT managers and end users across four countries think about the benefits and risks of Bring Your Own Device.
Survey says: Security leads IT managers' requirements for BYOD >
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Reduce big data job time massively in four steps...
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With the barrage of new client devices, how do you bridge the gap between IT's needs and users' expectations? Get insights from Intel's business client specialist.
Defining the Ideal Mobile Platform for Business
Wednesday, June 25, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. PST
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Cross-Platform Application Development Simplified
Intel's solution for optimized cross-platform applications using a single code base >
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Inside IT: Using Software Defined Networks (SDN) to Your Advantage
How SDN adds value to the enterprise (and how it's being implemented at Intel) >
Podcast: 6:35
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