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Intel IT Business Review: 2013 CTO Update

Intel IT Business Review: 2013 CTO Update

Intel IT: Blazing the Trail to Multi-Platform Apps

In IT, the technical strategy and architecture group is responsible for driving the enterprise capabilities to support our efforts. This year, we are concentrating much of our energy towards the implementation of what we call five-star applications. Because this is foundational, this effort crosses all of the capabilities that are key targets covered by this edition.

The five-star concept supports our direction of enabling 1* Secure, 2* User Experience based, 3* Multi-platform capable, 4* Multi-Device enabled, 5* with the ability to Interact and Evolve to support our future interactions and devices.

To do this, we are providing our development community with a platform that helps improve the time to market and reuse.

We are also on a mad dash to get more services in place with the view that services are the rule, not the exception.

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