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Intel® True Scale Fabric Host Software

OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED*)

The OpenFabrics Alliance develops, tests, licenses, supports, and distributes OFED software, which is the software foundation for HPC clusters. Stock OFED forms the core for the enhanced Intel for OFED+* software offering, and Intel provides support for stock OFED-only solutions used with high performance computing (HPC) applications.

Performance scaled messaging (PSM), included in Intel for OFED+ software

Building on the rigorously tested industry standard OFED, this enhanced, commercial grade software is fully compatible with ongoing OFED releases, and provides tools that accelerate the benefits of HPC investments by simplifying installation and configuration of any size HPC cluster. Included as a part of the Intel for OFED+ software distribution and part of the Intel® True Scale Fabric suite, performance scaled messaging (PSM) brings a purpose-designed, lightweight, connectionless architecture specifically created to optimize HPC communications. For HPC clusters to reach Exascale performance, using a general-purpose InfiniBand* driver layer is an unnecessary performance impediment. PSM is well positioned for the future evolution of HPC networks.


The PSM library uses an HPC-optimized lightweight software (SW) driver layer, roughly 10% of the footprint of standard InfiniBand SW drivers. In addition, the Intel True Scale Fabric suite also supports standard I/O-focused protocols via the standard verbs layer.


PSM highlights diagram

PSM highlights

  • Low end-to-end latency
  • High message passing interface (MPI) message rate, effective bandwidth, and collectives performance
  • Accelerated MPI performance for the most widely available Intel® MPI Libraries
  • Included in OFED software releases
  • Increased application performance and scalability
  • Coprocessor/GPU support (Intel® Xeon Phi™, NVIDIA Tesla*)
  • Congestion control architecture that reduces the effects of fabric congestion caused by low credit availability that can result in head of line blocking
  • Full native vFabric Suite* support is for all Intel MPI Libraries supported by PSM