When the dreams of our young are combined with the possibilities from Intel, great things happen. At the recent Invent 50 competition, Intel asked students to solve a social problem in Singapore using technology, and the answers we got were nothing short of amazing. From helping the blind see to making travel easier for the elderly, our young innovators proved the future is certainly bright and Intel-powered.

The Invent 50 is an Intel initiative to celebrate Singapore’s golden jubilee and the 50th anniversary of Moore’s Law. Students from all over the country were asked to create an Intel-powered innovation that would tackle a societal challenge and make life better for Singaporeans. Apart from seeing their ideas come to life as workable prototypes, the teams were also competing for $18,000 in total prize money, laptops, and best of all, Intel internship opportunities.

The Invent 50 Journey

Spanning nearly three months in 2015, Invent 50 saw hundreds of student makers creating, innovating, and inventing their way to the top prize. Here are some of the milestones on the long and rewarding road to the finals.

Call for entries – Spreading the word about Invent 50

28 July – 28 August

Campus roadshows helped spread the word about the event and gave students an opportunity to learn more about Intel’s commitment to innovation. In total, Invent 50 saw 153 team registrations from polytechnics, universities, and other tertiary institutions islandwide.

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Boot Camp – An introduction into a future filled with possibilities

12 – 13 September

18 shortlisted teams were then sent to a 2-day Boot Camp where experts shared their approach to innovation and ideation. Participants also received training in the Intel® Edison development board and Intel® RealSense™ technology that would prove invaluable in the weeks ahead.

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Mentoring Phase – Guiding our innovators towards bigger and better things

14 September – 28 November

For 10 weeks, every team was assigned a mentor to help them develop their prototype. The guidance and support offered by these experts were well received, and went a long way towards helping the teams realize their vision.

Open House – Putting the power of innovation on display

5 December

Held at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands Singapore, each team presented their prototypes to over 170 attendees – industry leaders, heads of tertiary institutions, and family and friends.

Awards Finale – Recognizing the very best of Invent 50

5 December

The event was attended by Mr. Ong Ye Kung, Acting Minister for Education and Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Defence, as well as Mr. S. Iswaran, Minister for Trade & Industry. 14 distinguished judges assessed each team’s prototype and announced the winners shortly after.

(Video credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx20LTZ03xA)

Our Winners

PD Loggers (NUS) – Winner

Freezing of gait (FOG) in Parkinson’s disease sufferers can cause them to fall and potentially hurt themselves. Using wireless biofeedback and Intel® Edison™ technology, PD Loggers created a wearable device that can monitor a patient’s gait patterns and alert them to an imminent FOG occurrence.

Meet the people behind PD Loggers

Hydrone (NUS) – 1st Runner-up

To help Singapore’s growing maritime industry, Hydrone designed a waterproof, recoverable drone using Intel® Edison that’s able to collect water samples, detect chemicals in the water, and even monitor oil spills.

Read about what inspired the team

Green (NTU) – 2nd Runner-up

Through their Intelligent Energy Management innovation powered by Intel Edison™ technology, Green is aiming to make saving energy – and the environment – fun for everyone.

See how Green is gamifying environmentalism

Team Stitches (NP/NUS) – Community’s Choice

With 1,300 Likes, Team Stitches was the clear favorite among the crowd and winner of our Community Choice award with their idea of a system powered by Intel® Edison to help the elderly and handicapped board the right bus.

Get to know the team better

Learn more about the other Invent 50 teams

Featuring PHAROS, DEWT, BeSpectacled, RP2015BrainPhone, Team Stitches, and Smartrans.

Meet the teams

Featuring The PD Loggers, PlanChase, Hydrone, SUTD Pandas, Health.P, NUSBoleh!

Meet the teams

Featuring Sinapse Swarm Sense, Head Over Heels, Green, BlindSight, CupCares, DigitEyes

Meet the teams

                                                                                                                             Read about the finalists and their ideas
PlanChase (NTU) RP2015BrainPhone (RP) CupCares (NTU)
BlindSight (NTU) DigitEyes (SUTD) BeSpectacled (NTU)
Health.P (NP) PHAROS (NYP) SUTD Pandas (SUTD)
NUSBoleh! (NUS) DEWT (SP) Sinapse Swarm Sense (NUS)
Smartrans (NTU) Head Over Heels (SUTD)  

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