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Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot Application Notes for BIOS Engineers

Intel® 10/100/1000 Mb/s and 10 GbE Ethernet Controllers

The Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot Software is a personal computer option ROM designed to supply industry standard iSCSI compliant pre-boot services for x86 architecture computers using a legacy style BIOS. The agent can be stored on a Flash component on an add-in Network Interface Card (NIC), or it can be integrated into the BIOS. Configuration data for the Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot software is stored in the network device EEPROM.

The Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot Software is compliant to the PCI Firmware Specification R3.0, but can be used in a BIOS written to the PCI 2.x specification.


This document can be used to assist BIOS developers in the process of integrating the Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot software into the BIOS and troubleshooting common problems. This document should be used in conjunction with the EEPROM / NVM reference material for your networking component.

This document does not address iSCSI remote boot in UEFI environments. Intel provides UEFI drivers that are used in conjunction with other UEFI software components to provide network capabilities in UEFI environments. Refer to www.uefi.org for information on UEFI.

Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot Option ROM Image Options

Creating an option ROM image that can be integrated into a BIOS requires the use of the utility program Bootutil.exe. This is a universal utility that can both update the option ROM image in the Flash memory on a NIC, or can be used to create an image for inclusion in a system BIOS on LOM designs. To use this utility, you must include the master image file BootIMG.FLB in the same folder.

Read the full Intel® iSCSI Remote Boot Application Note.

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