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Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework

Turning data into services and services into revenue

Big Data is here, and it’s expanding exponentially. Much of this data is being generated from the billions of devices poised to make more than a trillion connections. A huge portion of the growth of Big Data comes from intelligent systems—machines that communicate with each other directly and through the cloud, and make up what is frequently called the Internet of Things.

In fact, analyst firm IDC predicts that by 2015, more than one-third of these billions of connected devices will be intelligent systems—an opportunity representing 4 billion units and more than $2 trillion in potential revenue.

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Intelligent SF

Extracting value from Big Data

A significant portion of intelligent systems generates a massive amount of data that, when properly harnessed, holds the potential to improve lives, introduce revolutionary efficiency gains, spur astonishing advances in productivity, and create new, industry-shifting services. The ultimate value, however, is realized with data captured at every step in the system—from sensor controllers to edge gateways, from cloud to client.

To capitalize on this opportunity, enterprise will need the tools, technologies, and platforms required to convert the massive volumes of data into actionable information and integrate the multitudes of disparate systems.

Intel Intelligent Systems Framework

The framework

Intel is driving to simplify the deployment of the Internet of Things to enable customers to extract greater value from their data. To that end, Intel has introduced the Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework (Intel® ISF), a set of interoperable solutions designed to address connecting, managing, and securing devices and data in a consistent and scalable manner.

The framework can scale across applications, reducing fragmentation and speeding time to market. It brings together hardware, operating systems, and tools and software for increased connectivity, manageability, and security.

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Intel Intelligent Systems Framework

Integrated solutions

Think of the Intel Intelligent Systems Framework as a set of baseline-validated components from Intel and the ecosystem that address connectivity, manageability, and security, as well as software and domain expertise from McAfee and Wind River.

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Intel Intelligent Systems Framework

A robust ecosystem

Intel has a long history of creating scalable technologies and ecosystems that drive transformations in computing. Today, Intel is assembling an ecosystem of system vendors, ISVs, system integrators, and cloud-to-device services that build upon the Intelligent Systems Framework. This ecosystem will also work closely with the Open Data Center Alliance to ensure seamless integration of intelligent systems with the data center and cloud.

Several companies lined up to support the Intelligent Systems Framework,  including:

  • Advantech
  • Arrow Electronics
  • Avnet
  • Axeda
  • Dell
  • Digi International
  • Eurotech
  • Kontron
  • McAfee
  • Portwell
  • WebHouse
  • Wind River

Intelligent Systems Framework-Ready Products

Advantech AIMB-273 Mini-ITX*

From power solutions for HPC to video, transportation, digital signage, and more, Advantech’s products support 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors.

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Dell PowerEdge M620

The Dell PowerEdge M620* half-height blade with the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 series blends density, performance, efficiency, and scalability for demanding workloads.

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Eurotech delivers several Intelligent Systems Framework-ready systems, targeted to M2M in transportation, industrial and defense. With small form factors and low power, joined to the Everyware Software Framework and Everyware Cloud M2M integration platform, Eurotech can give any M2M solution a running start over the competition.

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Kontron COMe-bIP6 COM Express*

With support for Pin-out Type 2 and Type 6, Kontron's COM Express® basic Computer-on-Module based on 3rd generation of Intel® Core™ processors covers both the need for the latest interface technology and the need to extend the lifetime for existing baseboard designs.

Learn about Kontron COM Express COMe-bIP6 * >

Portwell PCOM-B219VG COM Express*

Portwell modules are ideal for areas that need a small footprint, like medical devices, industrial automation, telematics, and communications.

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