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Intel and the Environment in Asia Pacific

Building a Culture of Environmental Responsibility

The Asia Pacific Region is home to some of Intel’s largest facilities and about 25% of the company’s workforce. We strive to minimize our environmental footprint and mobilize our human resources to make our communities more sustainable. We design and manufacture our products, build and operate our facilities, manage resources, and handle waste materials with the environment in mind.

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Sustainable Building Design

Building Design

  • Intel facilities in Malaysia and Vietnam have achieved LEED green building certification.
  • Our assembly and test facility in Vietnam has the country’s largest solar power plant, generating 321,000 kWh of electricity and cutting 221,000kg of carbon dioxide each year.
  • Sunlight heats nearly 100% of the water used at Intel’s facility in Bangalore, India.

Water Use

Water Use

  • Intel India recaptures and reuses almost 100% of the wastewater generated.
  • Intel Malaysia and Intel India both collect and treat rain water for use in cooling towers.
  • In 2011, Intel Malaysia saved over 318 million liters of water through recycling practices.



  • Intel Malaysia organizes an annual Solid Waste Recycling Program, which has collected over 450,000kg of recyclable solid waste since 2005.
  • In 2012, Intel Vietnam achieved a 93% recycle rate, exceeding the goal of 80%.
  • Intel Vietnam is certified as a Green Company by the Department of Natural Resources & Environment of Ho Chi Minh City.

Intel and the Environment
Asia Pacific Region