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Intel® Teach Program, Asia Pacific

21st Century Teaching for 21st Century Learning


High quality teachers are a necessary foundation for providing excellent education to students. That is why teacher professional development is of one of the core components of Intel’s education transformation model. The Intel® Teach Program trains teachers how to promote problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills, and how to effectively integrate technology into their lessons. Intel Teach is localized for each country or territory where it is implemented. Program offerings include both face-to-face and online instruction, enhanced by a robust set of engaging online resources.

Since 2000, Intel Teach has trained over 10 million teachers worldwide and 2.9 million teachers in 14 countries in the Asia Pacific Region.

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What Intel® Teach participants in Asia Pacific say about the program:


“Joining [Intel Teach] proved to be the turning point in my teaching career. Like many teachers in Asia Pacific, I had previously followed traditional teaching practices – dictating lessons to students and rote learning using chalk and paper notebooks. After studying under Intel Teach, I converted my classroom from being ‘teacher-centered’ to ‘student-centered’, promoting creativity and innovative thinking from my pupils.”

              —Atifa Arooj Qureshi, Pakistan


“Developing critical thinking is an essential ability for students to learn in the classroom. Combining it with technology results in a brand new way of learning and teaching.”

      —Yen Hui Wu, Taiwan


“The Intel Teach program has had a big impact on my life. I learned how to develop the students’ higher-order thinking skills through the integration of technology and online teaching tools. This approach significantly improves the interaction between the students and teacher.”

                     —Dr. Tuan Jah Tuan Yusoff, Malaysia


“Today we are capable of preparing students with the skills of collaboration, critical thinking and communication, as well as digital literacy, which they require to be leaders of the 21st century.”

    —Saima Mughal, Pakistan


“Before I came to the Intel Teach training program I was unaware of project-based learning, but now I am fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to teach this way.”

   —K. Jeyabalan, Sri Lanka


“Intel Teach has provided me with the means and confidence to improve my teaching. I’ve started to appreciate the value of teaching and clearly see my role in what has become a more meaningful process.”

      —Cecile S. Pagar, Philippines