Network Edge Smart Cell Solutions Revolutionize Mobile Services,Smart Cells Revolutionize Service Delivery

Network Edge Solutions Revolutionize Mobile Services

Edge Services Result in New Revenue Opportunities
In early 2000, it was common for organizations to overly provision their data center to run at peak load. This meant that organizations were only utilizing 10% of their available capacity. Virtualization enabled organizations to share computing resources between different services. The ...efficient use of computing resources enabled many organizations to not only survive but to prosper following the era. By the mid-2000s, the potential for cloud computing was being recognized as a technology for delivering services over the Internet.

Similar to the experience in the data center, the initial excitement regarding the smart cell was focused on the efficient usage of computing resources across base stations. Today, service providers are looking to go beyond the cost efficiency benefits, to exploit smart cell as a platform for delivering services to their end customer, the mobile subscriber.

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