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Expand Your Cloud with Flexible Hybrid Solutions

Find the perfect balance between agility and control

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Hybrid cloud models—a combination of private and public cloud services—help businesses expand the scope of value-added services, address top priorities, such as big data analytics, and deliver applications across a variety of users and devices. Built using open standards, Intel® technologies power the clouds of leading providers and large enterprises, making it easier to smoothly integrate across both private and public environments.

Learn the fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals

Learn when it makes sense to deploy a hybrid cloud. What is the optimal balance between enhanced agility and control of sensitive workloads? What unique technology challenges must be addressed when you combine two cloud environments? How do you move applications and data across clouds?

Learn why hybrid cloud solutions are a great choice >

Plan your project

Plan your project

With an understanding of the unique challenges associated with hybrid clouds, you can start planning to expand your own cloud environment. Streamline the process and create a roadmap for success using our practical tools, resources, and planning guides.

Plan a hybrid cloud project >

Decide on a hybrid cloud solution

Decide on a hybrid cloud solution

Your next step will be to select the right technology to ensure the success and efficiency of your hybrid cloud. Our Intel® Cloud Builders reference architectures can help you build your cloud using Intel technologies. Then use the Intel® Cloud Finder tool to find public cloud service providers that can augment your capabilities.

Decide on the right solution for your hybrid cloud project >

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