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The challenge

Billions of connected devices—Internet users and machine-to-machine connections—are contributing to a tsunami of data growth. Enterprises that harness this data can use it to differentiate themselves and outperform competitors.

The solution

Utilizing big data requires transforming your information infrastructure into a more flexible, distributed, and open environment—one that can scale with virtually no limit and adapt quickly as needs change.

Intel can help

Intel can help you meet your big data demands with:

  • Silicon-based support for security, reliability, and data integrity
  • Unmatched choice of optimized solutions
  • Detailed technical resources that can help simplify implementation
  • Distributed big data solutions based on industry-standard servers and the Apache Hadoop* framework

Use the following three resources to start learning about big data. Or jump below to download animations, Apache Hadoop* resources, best practices from Intel IT, case studies, infographics, podcasts, solution briefs, webcasts, white papers, and videos.

What is big data and why should you care?

Discover how innovative new technologies enable IT to use big data analytics to generate higher levels of insight, resulting in significant competitive advantages.

Learn how big data makes big impacts in this Big Data 101 video (3:30) >

Unlock big data with Apache Hadoop*

Unlock big data with Apache Hadoop*

Follow these simple steps to help you get started on your big data initiative.

Download the big data infographic >

Apache Hadoop* framework spotlights

Apache Hadoop framework spotlights

Apache Hadoop is evolving as the best approach to unstructured data analytics. It is an open source framework that uses a simple programming model to enable distributed processing of large data sets on clusters of computers.

Learn how Apache Hadoop works from the community experts >

Case Studies

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