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Corel WinZip 14* Software Evaluation Guide

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Corel WinZip 14* Software Evaluation Guide

This document is a guide measuring performance of Intel® processors on application software. The primary audience for this document includes individuals, publications, OEMs and technical analysts whose goal is to test or evaluate the performance benefits and features of the Intel® processors. If there are questions that are not answered here on software application performance evaluation of the Intel® Processors, please contact your Intel representative. Each software application test measures different aspects of processor and/or system performance. While no single numerical measurement can completely describe the performance of a complex device like a microprocessor or a personal computer, application tests can be useful tools for comparing different components and systems. The following results and procedures give a glimpse of the performance of certain software applications, however your own usage of each application may vary from what is shown here.

The only totally accurate way to measure the performance of your system, is to test the actual software applications you use, in the way you use them, on your computer system. Test results published by Intel are measured on specific systems or components using specific hardware and software configurations, and any differences between those configurations (including software) and your configuration may make those results inapplicable to your component or system. If you have any questions about the performance of any Intel microprocessor, please view the detailed performance briefs and reports published by Intel or call Intel at (US) 1-800-628-8686 or 916-356-3104

Software Description: WinZip* 14 allows you to zip and unzip files to conserve storage space, speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. WinZip* 14 also offers strong AES encryption for securing sensitive data, the ability to bundle files into convenient, compressed packages, and an automated data backup facility to prevent data loss.

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