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Software Evaluation: Blender* 2.5.3 Beta

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Software Evaluation: Blender* 2.5.3 Beta

This document is a guide measuring performance of Intel® processors on application software. The primary audience for this document includes individuals, publications, OEMs and technical analysts whose goal is to test or evaluate the performance benefits and features of the Intel® processors. If there are questions that are not answered here on software application performance evaluation of the Intel® processors, please contact your Intel representative.

Software Description: Blender* 2.5.3 beta is a free open source 3D content creation suite that is available for various operating systems. The application is popular among many independent animation studios and game makers. For more information, please visit http://www.blender.org/.

1.1 Test Workflow/Workload Description Jim used to love listening to stories of superheroes when he was little, and always thought of creating an imaginary world with the characters in the stories. Now, Jim is an independent game maker, and gets inspirations from his favorite stories. For one of his games, Jim is creating a 3D model of a flying squirrel character using Blender* 2.5.3 beta, and decides to test the rendering performance of the application running on his new computer. To test the performance, Jim renders the character 5 times, and calculates the average rendering time for the 6.9MB file.

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