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Case Study: Compal and Intel® In-vehicle Infotainment Solutions

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Case Study: Compal and Intel® In-vehicle Infotainment Solutions

Compal and Intel plot the most direct route for the delivery of feature-rich in-vehicle infotainment solutions.

New standards-based Intel® architecture platforms are enabling automakers to accelerate delivery of feature-packed in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions. That’s because Intel’s scalable and pin compatible family of processors support multiple I/O interfaces, networking protocols, and software applications—all the digital technologies that power the consumer’s connected world today.

One example is the application-ready Compal KAX50* IVI platform based on the Intel® Atom™ processor Z520PT and Intel® system controller hub US15WPT. This low power, industrial temperature solution is flexible and open so that it can be integrated into a wide array of vehicles and run many different applications. It can easily connect to the existing entertainment systems already deployed in cars today as well as to new solutions and technologies that may be developed tomorrow.

Compal engineers claim that it’s quick and easy to develop IVI solutions based on Intel architecture because one design effort can yield many different options. It doesn’t require a new development cycle to scale the solution up or down. What’s more, the Intel® platform contains advanced features that make it ideal for a rugged operating environment and vehicle-based systems—such as power management technologies, industrial temperature support, and low power consumption.

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